Tales of the Kolean 411th, part 2

So yesterday saw the second session of the Only War campaign I'm running for some friends.
We jumped right into the action, with the party facing off against a strikeforce of orks attacking the fuel depot they'd been dispatched to guard.
The main threat they faced was a large double-turreted battlewagon which they managed to destroy in a spectacular explosion thanks to some well-placed lascannon and autocannon shots and a number of improvised explosives the party had had the forethought to bury around the exterior of the depot.
They then had to deal with two squads of ork boyz on foot; an encounter I had expected to act as a brief interlude to show how easy they could mop up foot troops in a Leman Russ.
Boy was I wrong.

Compared to the combat with the battlewagon, which lasted only a few rounds, the battle with 20 orks lasted ages! The Kid, sat in the turret, attempted to hit the orks as they charged the tank with the battlecannon, but missed. This allowed a number of the orks to get on top of the tank.
The tank driver, The Kid's comrade Neffin, and the Kid both attempted to knock the orks off with a number of Drive checks but failed. Repeatedly.
So the tank began whirling like a dervish with orks clinging onto it.
In the meantime, the rest of the party were equally useless in shooting at the orks.
Finally the Kid managed to brush the orks off his tank and then set about trying to run them down with his mighty warmachine. Again, more failure.
In a scene right out of a Benny Hill comedy, the tank chased the orks about for 4 rounds while the orks managed to pass every dodge roll and the Kid failed every drive check.
Luckily for the Kid, the rest of the party managed to get their act together and finally gun down the surprisingly agile greenskins.

With the enemy dealt with for a while, the party got some time to rest and relax. They decided to name their newly-blooded tank "Dancing Girl" in honour of the whirling and pirouetting it had done. Finally their reinforcements arrived, another three tanks and their Squadron Lieutenant.
The next morning the Lieutenant summoned the party and told them that during the night a weird jamming signal had begun to block their comms. He gave them a mission to travel to a nearby abandoned Auspex station and use the equipment there to try and locate the source of the jamming or otherwise get a better lay of the land.

The party set off and, after evading an ork patrol, reached the auspex station. They discovered it wasn't quite as abandoned as they had thought when Vikkers, the squad heavy, blundered into a boody trap set in the rear door. Deciding to try the front door, the Kid then failed his Awareness checks to look for any traps and blundered into another booby trap.
Luckily for them both, the traps weren't overly dangerous. They had, however, alerted the completely insane recon specialist who'd been living in the station.
The party encountered the recon specialist when he almost stabbed up the Kid. After interviewing the guardsman the party learned that he'd been sent with his squad to recon a nearby ruined city. He'd discovered that the city was far from abandoned and that the orks were using it to 'build a god', the sight of which had clearly driven him mad. The guardsman also admitted that he'd murdered the rest of his squad to "spare them the horror".
Taking the guardsman's confession as evidence of desertion and murder, the party then decided the best course of action was to let Jace, the party psycho, to stab the poor guy to death.
As Jace said afterwards "Brilliant".

After that the party powered up the auspex equipment and took a scan of the area. Sure enough, the detected massive power signatures coming from the ruined city to the north and, worse still, a huge strike force of hundreds of ork vehicles heading their way.

Dun! Dun! DUUNN!

Schedule slippage

Crap, I'm slipping a bit aren't I?
I'm all too aware that I've not posted a comic in about 3 weeks now. This is due to real life getting in the way of my normal comic-writing schedule, but I'm hoping that I'll get back into the swing of things next week.

Tales of the Kolean 411th

After my review of Only War last week, I thought I'd share the exploits of the party I ran a game for recently.

Rather than my usual gaming group, I was running for a bunch of friends from the 40k Live-Action Roleplay system I play. It's always nice to vary your rpg groups, as different players can have widely different playing styles. Plus its nice gaming with a different group of friends from time to time.

Prior to the game I'd asked my players what kind of regiment they fancied playing, so I could write my plot accordingly. As a few of them are avid World of Tanks players they quickly settled on an Armoured Regiment. Cool, I could work with that.
I then asked for a rough idea of the kind of homeworld they'd hail from. After a bit of discussion they came up with the idea of an agri-world with a society similar to the Home Counties of England prior to World War 1. Officers drawn from the local landowners and nobility and the rank and file from the farm workers. Lark Rise to Candleford meets the 41st millennium.
Although I knew my players could (and probably would) change their minds, it was still a pretty cool concept for a regiment and homeworld.

However, then came the day of the game.
We sat down to generate the homeworld and regiment and, as I was reading out the homeworld options, I mentioned the Frontier World option. My players eyes lit up. They took it. They then chose a Maverick commander and named him Aloysius "Big Al" Custer. Finally they spent their last regiment point on buying every member a additional piece of regimental equipment (a stub revolver).
So, long story short, I ended up GMing for a bunch of stetson-wearing, revolver-carrying, space cowboys in tanks.
Rather than the intro track for the game being "Fednet March" from Starship troopers, it was "Back in Black" by AC/DC. The characters they created were pretty badass as well.
There's the 18-year old tank driver named "the Kid" who also took Ambidextrous and likes to perform trick shots with his six-shooter.
There's the party engineseer, who chain-smokes and is an abject coward (but also a mean shot with the tank lascannon).
The squad heavy is a preacher who carries an autocannon (and who managed to roll the 'psycho' comrade).
The medic is grumpy and has a worse bedside manner than Bones McCoy and the squad sniper is also the defacto leader but hates being in charge.

The campaign I'm running them through can best be described as 'Orks Drift'. The player's tank squadron (50 men and their 5 tanks) are stuck guarding a remote fuel depot on a warworld, surrounded by thousands of orks. They have to hold out until help can reach them.

I'll keep you all posted of their exploits as we continue the adventure.

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