Q and A with Aki and Bob

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Here we go with the last of the Q and A sessions with the SotI cast. This week, Aki and Bob!

So, starting with Aki.
I must admit that Aki was never really intended to be a permanent member of the party. When I first introduced her and her brother Kio they were going to be dropped once the party left Gloaming. However, I grew to like the underhiver and decided that I needed another female presence in the party so let her stay.

In a way I suppose Aki is the author surrogate of SotI; as she doesn't know much about the wider 40k universe so I can use her to explain stuff to readers who might not know as much as die-hard fans.

Aki's personality is in ways very similar to Krin's, except that whereas Krin is motivated by loyalty to his friends, Aki is very much out for herself. She's slowly becoming more of a team player, but at the moment she's still a mild Neutral-Evil.

Now Bob I'm quite fond of. I wanted Severus to have a servoskull from the beginning, but didn't want it to be a non-character. So thus was Bob created.
I know an artificially-intelligent servo skull isn't strictly 40k canon, but this is my comic, right? Anyway, a great many things have been added to canon that are much worse than a wise-cracking servo skull with the personality of a centuries-old space pirate.

Bob is the character I use to poke fun at the other characters and the Imperial mindset. He's the voice in your head that constantly picks holes in your plans and mocks your clothes. He's also surprisingly intuitive and loyal to the party, but after being stuck on a moon with only himself for company for a few hundred years, maybe he's going soft.

So, on to your questions!

[b]Q: Aki, how old are you?[/b]
A: Old enough to kick your ass! In the underhive we don't have standard calendars, but last I checked I was 31 cycles old. So that's about 15 terran years I guess?

[b]Q: Aki, how did you become a member of the Van Corax gang? Were there other girls in the gang?[/b]
A: My family were part of the gang, and my gang were my family. On Gloaming most underhivers are part of a gang, like a tribe or a clan on other worlds I guess. So yes, there were other girls in the gang, and women, and grandparents.

[b]Q: Aki: Do you miss your brother? Is it hard not having your twin around anymore?[/b]
A: Of course I miss him, what kind of stupid question is that? But for now I have other things to concentrate on, which helps me deal with it.
And Kio wasn't my twin. I know we look alike, but he was actually a year or two older than me.

[b]Q: Bob, which millennium were you born in?[/b]
A: Hmm, hard to remember. I'm at least a few hundred years old... or rather this memory recording of me is. It's hard to mark off years when you don't even have arms!

[b]Q: Bob, how do you like being a servo skull compared to your human life?[/b]
A: Oh yeah, it's great! I just love being a disembodied head who has to stay silent 70% of the time! By the way, this is me being sarcastic in case you can't tell!

Although, being able to fly is pretty sweet. And servoskulls can go loads of places without anyone raising an eyebrow. You'd be surprised how many times I've floated into the women's changing rooms. Heh heh heh.


Sorry people, no comic this week. A combination of illness and the dreaded blue-screen-of-death on my main pc has meant I'm just not up to working on the strip.

I will get one up next week hopefully, as well as the Q and A article with Aki and Bob.

In the meantime, the [url=http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Webcomic/ServantsOfTheImperium]Servants of the Imperium[/url] TV Tropes page could use some love, if any of you want to give it a bit of attention that'd be cool (it feels a bit self-indulgent to do it myself).

Q and A with Brianna

Brianna is, I think, the character who has shown the most character development over the course of the story so far. Krin, Severus and Lyle's personalities have changed slightly as I write the strips, but the syn-skin clad assassin is the one who has made the most actual personal development in response to the plot.
When she first showed up Brianna was a hard-as-nails no-nonsense killing machine who wasn't overly interested in Severus and Co, only using them to further her own goals. As the comic has progressed Brianna has slowly had her edges knocked off by a combination of working as part of a team for an extended period, Krin's affection and the betrayal of her own temple when she needed them most.
Originally Brianna didn't have much of a personality beyond a will to do violence and a massive sense of duty to her temple. Now I quite like where she is, personality-wise. Broken characters are often the most interesting, and within Brianna's head there's a nice little war between her sense of duty and her growing realisation that there is more to life beyond blindly following orders from her superiors. Although she's still loyal to the Templum Secretum, the seeds of doubt are there.
Deep huh?

One character trait that hasn't changed is Brianna's capacity for violence. She's easily the most violent of all the characters in SotI, and her motivation is a little different as well. While Krin does his fair share of damage in combat, everything he does is to defend his friends and colleagues. When Brianna goes to town, it's 100% motivated by a simple desire to kill everything that isn't a loyal citizen of the Imperium of Mankind.

Currently I don't think I've truly plumbed the depths of Brianna's character, or her abilities, but I'm looking forwards to doing so in future strips.

One last thing, before we get onto your questions. A few people seem to think that the results of strip 172 (in which Brianna finally admits her feelings for Krin) mean Brianna and Krin are now a bona-fide couple and have, as a result, slept together.
I wish to disabuse you all of this belief.
Brianna has flashed Krin her goods and kissed him on the cheek; that's all. Krin doesn't even know what she really looks like under that mask. As for their relationship, Brianna's words in strip 172 were "Once this is over, and my duty is done... maybe we could be together".
They're not happily ever after yet folks.

Ok, on to your questions.

[b]Q: Your syn-skin is sprayed on, does that make showering hard? Also, does that mean that technically you're running around naked?[/b]
A: The syn-skin breaks down my bodily secretions; I have no need to shower. It is also self-healing, to a degree, meaning I only need to reapply it when large tears appear.
As for the second question; no comment.

[b]Q: You and your sisters in the assassin temple all look very similar; is purple hair part of the uniform?[/b]
A: Look very similar? I suppose the syn-skin could make us look similar, to an untrained eye. Purple is a heraldic colour of the temple; we dye our hair in tribute.

[b]Q: You usually use weapons. I assume you were also trained in unarmed combat since you're meant to be a living weapon, right?[/b]
A: Indeed, I am trained in numerous forms of armed and unarmed combat. I once killed a man with nothing more than my little fingers and the big toe of my left foot.

[b]Q: How much of you is bionic? Did you choose to have the upgrades, or were they because of injuries?[/b]
A: I am no longer sure how much of me is my original flesh. Both my eyes are bionic, as is my left arm and most of my spine. There are a number of upgrades, I forget how many. I did not choose the bionics; some were given to me by the temple as part of my training, the others were to correct battlewounds.


Next week I will cover both Aki and Bob; any questions please send them in!

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