Q and A with Lyle

Lyle is, in a way, the character who started Servants of the Imperium. After running my usual Dark Heresy game for my friends one week I drew a single-panel strip about a psyker complaining that people's heads just sometimes spontaneously explode. Not that happened in any of my games. Nope.
Then I drew another strip, and another. Thus was SotI born.
So, like I said, Lyle kind of started this comic.

Over the course of the story Lyle's character hasn't really changed that much from his initial concept. He's the straight-man of the group, the voice of reason and also the most sarcastic character. Most of the humour from Lyle comes from his dry observational wit about the situations or characters.
In this, Lyle and I are very similar; my main form of personal humour is sarcasm -just ask my long-suffering wife- so I guess Lyle is drawn from that side of my personality.

Breaking down his character, Lyle's defining traits are his calm and logic. He's highly intelligent, in fact he's easily smarter than Severus, but not so great in social situations. As a savant he can memorise huge quantities of information and recall them instantly with perfect clarity. He's like a walking library. With psychic powers.

One thing that was never really intention is Lyle's relationship with the other characters. He and Severus have a mutual respect for each other; in fact Lyle is the only character within the retinue to call Severus by his first name rather than 'my lord' or a variation thereof.
Lyle's relationship with Krin is much more fun. I like the buddies-for life dynamic that has evolved between the two characters. I would say the pair of them are also starting to rub off on each other; with Krin becoming slightly more intellectual with his approach to situations and Lyle stealing stuff if he thinks he can get away with it.

In Severus' Q&A I said that he has a dark side that we haven't seen yet. Lyle also has a dark side, but I like to think it's a little closer to the surface. He has a temper and as a psyker is capable of some pretty impressive damage when riled up. If Lyle ever tips over the edge and really looses control, you can be sure things will get really bad, really fast.

Next week I'll be talking about Brianna. It seems no one had any questions about Lyle this week, but I know some of you want to know about our favourite assassin! Send your questions in to the usual address.

Q and A with Krin O'Kar

Right, let's do this! Next week is Lyle, so any questions for or about our favorite psyker, please send them in!

Although Severus is nominally the main character of SotI, from the fan mail I've received over the years it's clear that Krin is the favorite character of a lot of readers. Although I'm fond of all my characters, I have to admit he's kind of my favourite as well.

When I started writing Servants Krin was intended to be the main focus of comedy in the group; the one who is the least like a true member of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and so can do things that exasperate the other characters.
As the strip matured I stepped away from the idea of Krin being separate from the 40K universe; if anything he's one of the ones who now adheres the most to the background. He's still the main source of comedy however.

As I said in my piece about Severus, all the main characters are basically facets of my own personality. In Krin's case, he's the slightly looney-tunes side of me who loves fart jokes. He's obsessed with guns and is not the brightest tool in the box, but can at times possess a quick wit. The way I see it, Krin isn't stupid because he lacks intelligence, it's more that he has an intrinsic honesty to him that most of the time slows him down but, every now and then, gives him insights others would miss.
I think this is the core of his character; Krin acts (and is) dim most of the time, and many people see him as just the dumb muscle because of that, but really he's extremely intelligent in his own special way.

Krin's other defining trait is his loyalty to his friends. One of my favourite Krin moments, which I think illustrates this side of his character, is in strip 47. In this strip Krin tells Severus and the rest of the party to get to the shuttle while he stays behind to hold off the pursuing chaos forces. The important thing to note is that he doesn't hesitate when telling them to go on without him; to Krin it's only logical he stay behind because they're his friends and protecting them is what he does. He's not suicidal, but Krin would lay down his life for any of the other characters without a thought.

Of course, this being the 40K universe, there's a lot of fighting and this is Krin's greatest passion. I had once intended Krin to be a guardsman, but there's something so much cooler about bounty hunters, right? Just ask Boba Fett.
From a storytelling point of view by separating Krin from the guard this gives him (and me through him) license to poke fun at the Imperial Guard.

One last snippet of information; in my head Krin is voiced by Tony Robinson in the role of Baldrick from Blackadder.

Now then, on to your questions!

[b] Q: Lord Severus mentioned that you had a partner as a bounty hunter before you became his acolyte. Tell us about your partner. Who were they? Are they still out there? [/b]
A: My partner was a very special lady named Elizabeta. We worked together for a long time; she was the smart one and I was the muscle, although she definitely knew her way around a fight.
We were together for years until we took a bounty on a heretical called Taigir the Bloody. That was how we met m'Lord Severus.
Elizabeta... was killed by Taigir. I'm not sure I'll ever really get over loosing her. I still carry her autogun around with me; that's why I named it Betsy; I used to call Elizabeta that to annoy her, but I knew she secretly liked it.

[b]Q: How was the bounty hunting life? Do you prefer working for the Inquisition?[/b]
A: Bounty hunting was good. I grew up on a pretty rough hive world, Steelfall, and ran with the gangs but I never wanted to stay there. The way I saw it, it was either become a bounty hunter or join the Imperial Guard, and I never really liked the Imperial Guard. Too stuffy.

Working for m'Lord Severus is great; I get to travel all over the sector, help defend the Imperium and meet some really interesting people. Bounty hunting was all about working for money, this is better; it's good to know I'm helping make a difference.

[b]Q: As the brains/lynchpin of the outfit how do you tone yourself down so as to not overpower the rest of the cast?[/b]
A: Hmm, good question! I used to have to make sure that everyone got their fair share of fighting, you know, so they didn't feel left out. But now Brianna has joined the group I have to try to keep up! She sure knows her way around a pair of bolt pistols! (At this point Krin seemed to drift off into a daydream and took some time to snap out of it)

[b]Q: What do you think about think about some of the great regiments, like the Firstborns or the Death corps?[/b]
A: They're pretty cool. Got some nice uniforms and they get to play with some really nice guns, but at the end of the day they have to follow orders, march all the time and never get to loot anything. I kind of feel sorry for them. They're also much better at guarding their armouries than some other regiments, so it's never as fun working with them.


Right you lot, see you next week for an interview with Lyle.
As a side note, go check out the Extras page where you can now find some fan made animated gifs of the cast!

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